Thursday, 6 October 2011

[W1] Dvolver: Students as the Movie Director

Dvolver is a fun moviemaker website for language teachers to teach students on how to produce creative movies for the communicative purpose. This website provides plenty of selections of styles, settings, characters and music which allow students to construct dialogues while creating stories. This website is suitable for secondary school students of age 13 and above since teachers can modify the instruction of activities according to their students' language level. The idea of making this website as an interesting approach in language learning is that students can practise their language within the context for the communicative purpose through a fun way.

Here is an example of video that students can create using Dvolver:

  • Dvolver allows learners to embed the movies to their blogs (if exists) and also, they could send them into the preferable email address. Therefore, learners could send their homework straight away to the teachers' inbox.
  • Dvolver involves several characters and scenes that might be unsuitable for students of the school level age as it involves obscenity. Therefore, teachers need to do extra work by telling them which characters that they are not happy with and are not allowed to be used in the movies. 

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