Thursday, 3 November 2011

[W5] PIMPAMPUM: Bubblr - Image Hosting Website for Presentation!

Hello there!
Today, I want to share with you another two cool websites which I think are very beneficial for teachers to use in ELT classroom - they are Bubblr and Bookr, introduced by Pimpampum. However, in this post I will only focus on Bubblr.


Using images in ELT classroom is common as it allows learners to learn using visual stimulus. Therefore, a systematic image hosting  that can help teachers in their presentation is very much welcomed in the world of teaching. Bubblr allows teachers to 'steal' photos without breaking copyrights, as it locates public images from Flickr database in such an accessible way and teachers are allowed to edit them by adding captions using bubbles to become comic strips. Since Bubblr does not have many features that make it not very complicated, therefore I believe it is appropriate to be used by students of all level to practice language using this website.

The example of Bubblr comic strips that I have done, is as below:

Here is some of the points on benefits and drawbacks of Bubblr and Bookr that we have discussed during the seminars, using the Wallwisher application. I will explain about Wallwisher application in the next post, inshaAllah.


  • Bubblr allows language practice opportunity trough the appropriate task that can be created.
  • Bubblr involves speaking skills opportunity since students might be asked to present their comic strips in front of the classroom.
  • Bubblr allows personalization since students are allowed to pick up their own images and topics.
  • It is free, and users do not have to sign up.


  • It is sometimes considered as boring, because it only focuses on one language practice activity.
  • Bubblr does not allow too much chance for students to really practice language.
  • Bubblr can be very technical, and sometimes is not a helpful technology.
  • The bubbles in Bubblr can sometimes distract the images because of the wide size. 

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