Tuesday, 22 November 2011

[W8] Audioboo : Podcasting Even More Interesting!


Today we will look at an interesting tool for language teachers to introduce in the classroom which is Audioboo.

Audioboo is an online tool that is suitable for language learners to record prompt things such as interview, news broadcasting, story telling, music (and many more!) for a later review and of course, listening purpose!  

How to Use Audioboo?

  • Audioboo has a simple, clean yet interesting (because it's colourful!) interface which I believe is important for users to get motivation while using it.
  • Audioboo comes with a recording applications with sets of buttons to record, pause, restart, preview publish and even ask whether you are happy, which means you want to start create a title for your recording.

  • Audioboo also supports learners to upload files which they already have, and it makes a good archive for later review. 
  • Teachers can carry out learning activity by making students to work in pairs record an interview (let us say the topic is a celebrity interview for a inspirational and successful people magazine) and they have to send the recording to teachers via email or embed it into their blogs. Then teacher can choose to present it to the class or compile all the recordings before spread them to other students for listening purpose. 


  • Users can use with or without signing up for accounts.
  • Audioboo comes out with a incredible application which is downloadable for Nokia, iPhone and Android devices so users can apply recording at any time and any place!


  • If you want to do a recording, you must have an internet connection, which then change your interest into other more useful offline tool.
  • Interesting activities are in need to be used with this tool or otherwise, learning can become boring even though a superb tool is used. 

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